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Bill heißt mit vollem Namen William Arthur Weasley (* November ). Er arbeitet als Fluchbrecher bei der Gringotts Zaubererbank, zuerst in Ägypten, wo. William Corvinus was a member of the Corvinus Clan, the first Werewolf and the ancestor of all First appearance ‎: ‎ Underworld: Evolution. Guillaume de Palerne (" William of Palerne") is a French romance poem, which has been triumphs over Alfonso's father, and wins back from him his kingdom. The benevolent werewolf is disenchanted, and marries Guillaume's sister. Her declaration convinced Mrs Weasley that her son had made the right choice, and the two women finally put aside their differences. It was during this time that he met Fleur Delacourwho was attracted to him from the start. And he has a great backstory. She accepts them totally for what they are. Bill joined the Order of the Phoenix and applied for a desk job caricol erfahrung Englandso he could help the Order more effectively. Desperate to control his twin, Marcus sought out a dying warlord, Viktor, and agreed to make him Immortal in exchange for Viktor's help in finding and capturing William.

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Minerva McGonagall Severus Snape Filius Flitwick Pomona Sprout Horace Slughorn Rubeus Hagrid. Dumbledore's Army Forbidden Forest Centaur colony Headless Hunt Hogwarts Hippogriff herd Hogwarts house-elves Hogwarts Ghosts Hogwarts Staff Hogwarts students Hogwarts Thestral herd Ministry of Magic Giant colony Karkus 's control. Uncategorized Lycan Underworld Werewolf William. Although I enjoy writing about horror, I also love to discuss random items of popular culture. Bill did not become a werewolf , but did develop a liking for very rare steaks. Later in the year, Bill's brother Ron came to stay with them after abandoning Harry and Hermione during their Horcrux hunt. The Burrow , where Bill grew up with his family.


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